Diaries in Museums and Archives Across Ontario

Find Out More Start End Township Countysort descending Ethnicity Occupation Posted on Rural Diary Archive
Howell, Samson 1868 1869 1) South Dumfries, 2) Carlow 1) Brant, 2) Huron German Farmer Yes
Phenix, John Sr. 1869 1875 1) Mono, 2) Nottawasaga 1) Dufferin, 2) Simcoe Irish Farmer No
Phenix, John Jr. 1892 1934 1) Mono, 2) Nottawasaga 1) Dufferin, 2) Simcoe Irish Farmer No
Clark, John Collins 1831 1864 Ernestown Addington Farmer/Justice of the Peace No
Malloch, John Glass 1841 1845 Perth Bathurst District, later Lanark Scottish Lawyer, Farmer, Judge No
Thomas, Charles 1850 1852 Algona Bathurst District, later Renfrew English Farmer, Trader Yes
Buck, Ernest 1926 1927 South Dumfries Brant German Milkman , Farm Labourer No
Crombie, Edward Hamerton 1928 1941 South Dumfries Brant Scottish Farmer No
Crombie, Edward Rubidge 1903 1930 South Dumfries Brant Scottish Farmer/Retired Banker No
Atkins, Vivien Agnus Maud 1902 1905 South Dumfries Brant Irish Farm Woman No
Barker, Jean 1926 1926 South Dumfries Brant English Farm Woman No
Davidson, William George 1889 1895 Amabel Bruce Irish farmer Yes
Burgess, Elizabeth Oliver 1915 1974 Arran Bruce English Farm Woman No
Boothe, Minnie 1897 1898 Osgoode, near Metcalf Carleton Irish Farm Woman Yes
Upton, Colonel William R. 1827 1893 Gloucester Carleton English Civil Engineer, Farmer No
Switzer, Christopher 1881 1883 Nepean Carleton, now Ottawa German Farmer No
Geddes, James 1889 1893 Ryerson District of Parry Sound Scottish Farmer/Lay Preacher Yes
Geddes, Jessie Dick Wares 1870 1914 Ryerson District of Parry Sound Scottish Farm Woman Yes
Simpson, Elizabeth 1877 1902 East Garafraxa Dufferin English Farm Woman Yes
Simpson, Carver 1878 1882 East Garafraxa Dufferin English Farmer Yes
Middagh , Lucy 1884 1892 Mountain Dundas German Farm Woman Yes
Middagh, Victoria (Tory) 1887 1888 Mountain Dundas German Farm Woman Yes
Geddes, Malcolm Daniel 1899 1899 Whitby Durham Scottish Farm Labourer Yes
Welch Hill , Sarah 1821 1881 Hope Durham English Farm Woman Yes
Wilson, Edmund 1870 1911 Hope Durham English Farmer No