Diaries in Museums and Archives Across Ontario

Find Out More Start End Townshipsort descending County Ethnicity Occupation Posted on Rural Diary Archive
Noble, Joseph 1890 1890 Mulmur Simcoe Irish Farmer No
Noble, Elizabeth 1899 1899 Mulmur Simcoe Irish Farm Woman No
Butler, Charles 1833 1837 Near Cobourg, Hamilton Newcastle District (becomes Northumberland) English Farmer No
Switzer, Christopher 1881 1883 Nepean Carleton, now Ottawa German Farmer No
Jarvis , Hannah Owen Peters 1842 1845 Niagara Lincoln English Gentlewoman Yes
Ross, James 1893 1954 Nichol Wellington Scottish Farmer Yes
Beattie, William 1866 1902 Nichol Wellington Scottish Farmer Yes
Beattie, David M. 1925 1989 Nichol Wellington Scottish Farmer No
Hutchinson, William 1863 1864 Nichol Wellington English Farmer No
Bellamy, Eliza 1854 1855 North Augusta Leeds & Grenville Irish Married to Miller Yes
Crawford, Benjamin 1810 1859 North Oxford Oxford Irish Farmer No
Crawford, James Augustus 1865 1880 North Oxford Oxford Irish Farmer No
Treffry , Charles John 1867 1867 Norwich Oxford English Farmer Yes
Poldon, ????? 1873 1876 Norwich Oxford Scottish Blacksmith Yes
Barnes, William Francis 1834 1836 Norwich Oxford Yes
Manson, Edith 1924 1928 Norwich Oxford Scottish No
Tidy, John Arthur 1838 1845 Norwich Oxford English Farmer, Surveyor, Teacher No
Mott, Phoebe 1888 1891 Norwich Oxford English Farm Woman Yes
Parson Smith, Mary Emily 1893 1921 Norwich South Oxford English Farm Woman Yes
McMackon, David 1896 1896 Orford Kent Irish Cooper Yes
Watson, William (Henry) 1881 1911 Orford Kent English Merchant/Newspaper Editor Yes
McMackon, Walter 1906 1911 Orford, Sunnidale Kent, Simcoe Irish labourer, book-keeper, farmer Yes
Drinkwater, Sarah Hallen 1840 1880 Orillia Simcoe English Gentleman Farmer No
Boothe, Minnie 1897 1898 Osgoode, near Metcalf Carleton Irish Farm Woman Yes
Nelson, David 1864 1886 Otonabee Peterborough Scottish Farmer No