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Find Out More Start End Township Countysort descending Ethnicity Occupation Posted on Rural Diary Archive
Beattie, William 1866 1902 Nichol Wellington Scottish Farmer Yes
Gilchrist, John W. 1931 1939 Puslinch Wellington Scottish Farmer No
MacFarlane, Duncan 1878 1892 Puslinch Wellington Scottish Farmer & JP Yes
Martin , James S. 1870 1878 West Garafraxa Wellington Scottish Farmer No
Awrey, Mary Ellen 1910 1916 Erin Wellington English Drugstore Yes
Harris, John 1821 1832 Eramosa Wellington Irish Farmer & Teacher No
Beaton, Velma 1930 1988 Puslinch Wellington Scottish Farm Woman No
Bauman, Angus 1904 1952 Peel Wellington German Farmer Yes
Moir, Forbes 1884 1914 West Garafraxa Wellington Scottish Farmer & Post Office Yes
Beattie, David M. 1925 1989 Nichol Wellington Scottish Farmer No
Holmwood, George 1888 1927 Guelph Wellington English Farmer No
Hutchinson, William 1863 1864 Nichol Wellington English Farmer No
Bowman , James 1886 1944 Guelph Wellington English Farmer Yes
Ferrier Hutchinson, Jean 1933 1973 West Garafraxa Wellington Farm Woman No
Philp, Olive 1914 1918 Maryborough Wellington English Farm Woman Yes
Hutchinson, Thomas J. 1939 1997 West Garafraxa Wellington Farmer No
Philp Giffin, Clara 1902 1914 Maryborough Wellington English Farm Woman Yes
Philp, Elizabeth (Eliza) 1893 1901 Maryborough Wellington English Farm Woman Yes
Sunter , William 1857 1914 Eramosa Wellington Scottish Farmer Yes
Rea, David 1857 1880 Eramosa Wellington Irish Farmer Yes
Rea, William 1854 1865 Eramosa and West Garafraxa Wellington Irish Farmer Yes
Freure, Benjamin 1836 1842 Eramosa Wellington English Farmer Yes
Hill, Matilda 1884 1885 West Garafraxa Wellington English Merchant's daughter Yes
Clarke, Charles Kirk 1865 1866 Elora Wellington English Son of a merchant Yes
Jeffrey, John 1877 1900 Puslinch Wellington Scottish Farmer Yes