Diaries in Museums and Archives Across Ontario

Find Out More Start End Township Countysort descending Ethnicity Occupation Posted on Rural Diary Archive Repository
Beaton, Velma 1930 1988 Puslinch Wellington Scottish Farm Woman No Wellington County Museum and Archives
Moir, Forbes 1884 1914 West Garafraxa Wellington Scottish Farmer & Post Office Yes Wellington County Museum and Archives
Bauman, Angus S. 1904 1952 Peel Wellington German Farmer Yes Martin Family Private Collection
Beattie, David M. 1925 1989 Nichol Wellington Scottish Farmer No Wellington County Museum and Archives
Holmwood, George 1888 1927 Guelph Wellington English Farmer No Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph
Allan, David 1862 1876 Guelph Wellington South Scottish Miller, Distiller, Farmer Yes Guelph Civic Museum and Archives of the University of Guelph
Martin, David 1858 1882 Beverley Wentworth Scottish farmer Yes Private Donor
Smith, Benjamin 1799 1849 Ancaster Wentworth From US Farmer/Lay Preacher No Archives of Ontario
Case, Jacob 1837 1860 Beverly Wentworth German Farmer/Sawmiller? Yes University of Western Ontario
Leith, George 1834 1852 1) Binbrook; 2) Ancaster Wentworth Scottish Gentleman Farmer No Archives of Ontario
Tunis, Cora 1904 1974 Flamboro West Wentworth Welsh Daughter of a farmer No Dundas Museum and Archives
Main, Stephen "Sylvester" 1889 1922 Beverly Wentworth German carpenter, photographer Yes Private Donor
Gibson, David 1834 1852 York Willowdale Scottish Deputy Surveyor of Roads/Farmer No Archives of Ontario & Gibson House Museum
Playter, Ely 1801 1853 Lived in Town of York/Toronto York English Tavern-Keeper, Farmer, Lumberman, MP, Militia Officer No Archives of Ontario
Johnson, Captain William 1832 1850 Georgina York Scottish Farmer No Archives of Ontario
Klinck, Myrtle 1908 1908 Stouffville Village, Markham York English Teacher, Retired Farmer's Daughter No Markham Museum
Brown, Gertrude 1913 1913 Markham York Irish Farm Woman No Markham Museum
Reesor, Benjamin 1871 1911 Markham York German Farmer Yes Markham Museum
Gohn, George 1889 1921 Markham York German Farmer No Markham Museum
James, William 1877 1884 York York, now Toronto Irish Farmer No Toronto Public Library