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== JANUARY THURSDAY 6 1887 == Peter and I got a load of straw into the Drivelane this forenoon. Went down to Wattses afterwards to see them about going up to the Lea - meeting at Woodhouse to night. This being {Grange?} day I had to attend to my duties at the stall. Have about settled up my duties as secretary of which I am glad! George {surname?} and wife were here to dinner to day. Did not get {? from Graye?} in time to go to the Woodhouse {?} meeting, of which I felt sorry. == JANUARY FRIDAY 7 1887 == My man and I have been working away at wood-cutting in the woods this afternoon. This forenoon I went up to Roses Mill to take the balance of our last years crop of wheat. Had twenty bushells and twenty pounds on my load. Had a visit from Mrs Clarke and James Holcomb & wife this evening. Intended to have gone to Pelham tomorrow but, ma wishes me to put of going until next week, and, of course I must respect {looks like "her wishes" but scanner's thumb in the way}

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