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== January SATURDAY 22 1887 == The warm weather has not ceased as we expected last night; but, the thaw has continued to day very rapidly. Freshets, and greatly reduced snow banks are now in order. Peter and I have been working in the back woods as usual at cuting wood. Do not have much more than half the day for works in the woods however after the chores are done. Sleighing is spoiled on the roads and mud is beginning to show itself in some places. {second page} == January SUNDAY 23 1887 == On account of continued warm weather and the bad roads resulting therefrom we have been debarred from our usual going to church on the holy day. Have been endeavouring as best I could, to worship Got at out home in various ways. Am much interested in a book by J. A. Ingraham D. D. called "The Prince of the House of David" The naration of our Saviours life and mission are told continuously, in such a way as to be both interesting and proffitable.

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