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== January WEDNESDAY 26 1887 == Have been cuting wood most of the time again to day with Peter, in the woods. I went down to Captain McFells to day at noon, to find out how he progresses in his sickness. Found him b very poorly indeed with inflamatory Rheumation. It almost seems doubtful if he ever recovers. Am thankful to find that he is still bright in his experience as a Christian. He is even rejoicing in the midst of sickness and pain. {second page} == January THURSDAY 27 1887 == Peter and I continued to work in the woods this forenoon, and he this afternoon. I had to go out with the mail for the Reids and and did not get home in time to do much work. Had Mr. Joseph Jackson here to tea, with Mr. Charley Barter both of SImcoe. Mr Jack is contesting the election of the South Riding of Norfolf for the Dominion Parliament with Col. Tisdale. Felt more than pleased with Mr Jacksons straightforward manner of dealing with things.

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