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== January SUNDAY 30 1887 == For the first time in a good while we all. Ma, Bertha and I, went out to church this morning. Had an interesting discourse from our own minister, and a very good fellowship meeting, with Distribution of tickets. Had dinner with Mifs Giles and tea also. Attended sunday school and choir practice. Remained to the evening service. Made some calls in a sort of pastoral way after Sunday School. Trouble has arisen between some of our members & the minister; and, I have been trying to make peace. {second page} == January MONDAY 31 1887 == The weather changed very suddenly yesterday and has been geting colder ever since. Snow has fallen to day, in sufficient quantities to make sleighing notwithstanding the cold. Peter and I have been working in the woods as usual. We are geting the dead and down timber nearly all cut up in both woods and consequently will soon have to cut down green timber. Am more than ever persuaded that it would pay for us to burn our coal stove in our house.

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