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== February TUESDAY 1 1887 == February has come in with a very cold disagreeable North East wind which has been blowing all day. Peter and I have been cuting wood in the woods again part of the time. I went down to Captain McFells, after dinner to see how he was. He having been dangerously ill with inflamatory Rhumation for a fiew days. It was thought that he was some better. Mrs Chesley is also very ill at John Mares Ma went to see her & found her some better. == February WEDNESDAY 2 1887 == Since yesterday quite a change has again taken place. Instead of being extremely cold it is now quite warm and raining. We hae been working in the woods as usual Peter and I. Went to get a food pile cut and up before we comence drawing again. The process is a slow one however on account of our other work. Recieved a beautiful likeness of Queen Victoria yesterday as a {premium?} for the witness, It is worth more than the cost of both.

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