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== February WEDNESDAY 9 1887 == Found this morning that the freshet of yesterday and last night had done much damage besides carrying off out two bridges. No less than four mill dams were swept away on Patersons creek. It began with the old Ford mill and continued on through Brook's, Dan. Roses and Edmonds. The Factory in Port Dover was in great danger besides the shipping laid up in the harbour was mostly swept out in the lake, with Andrew Balls yacht badly crushed. {second page} == February THURSDAY 10 1887 == Peter and I got in our last two loads of oats straw for the horses this forenoon. He has been geting out manure from the low stable this afternoon and spreading on the hill East of house. Went out to Dover this afternoon, partly to take Reids mail. Had my own business to attend to however. Brought home a quarter of beef from Rosses of upwards of a hundred pounds. Am glad to be abble to record that the new store at Victor is being filled with goods. Made my first purchase this morning.

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