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== February TUESDAY 15 1887 == Peter has been geting up wood to day, from the back woods. The weather has become quite warm again with every prospect of another thaw. I have doing a number of odd jobs through the day such as puting brine on meat &c&c. Had a short visit from James Holcomb this evening, who came to do some tradeing at the Victor Store. Recieved a letter from my sister telling us of her daughter's mar Netties marriage this spring. {second page} == February WEDNESDAY 16 1887 == Have had Peter drawing up wood again to day. The weather has been quite mild; but, still the snow and ice remain in sufficient quantities for drawing wood. I have been fixing up a sheepshed back of the barn, out of the old McPhee hen-roost, besides doing some other work. Have often thought, this if the fences and buildings should be so much out of repair after one season with a tennant what would they be after a term of four of five years.

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