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== February THURSDAY 17 1887 == Peter went away this forenoon to attend a funeral of a friend. He has been geting up wood this afternoon however. I went up to Wilkinsons this morning to see about geting some cattle to his straw-stack. Succeeded in geting a promise to take half a dozen young cattle for a while. Had Nettie Matthews and Norah here to dinner and to visit for the afternoon. Nettie has about finished her visit in Canada and soon returns to Michigan. {second page} == February FRIDAY 18 1887 == The weather continues very changeable, most of the time warm. Peter kept on drawing wood until to day noon however however, when the snow was so far gone as to make the sleighing very poor. Have got a nice pile of wood in the yard now for which I am thankful. This afternoon he has been spliting at the woodhouse while I have been fixing forks and doing chores. It has become very warm this afternoon. Had a thundershower, the first this season.

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