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== February SATURDAY 19 1887 == Peter and I have continued to cut wood in the woods this forenoon and part of this afternoon. We took six of our young cattle up to William Wilkinsons to help worry down his straw-stack. He had not got home however, before one of them got there also. So we have only five there instead of six. The weather is quite changed since yesterday, Winter has come back again in right good earnest. I hope he will stay awhile this time. {second page} == February SUNDAY 20 1887 == Went out to church alone this morning. Ma could not get ready to go, & then she thought it too cold. Had a very good sermon from our own minister, and a good time at the class meeting afterwards. It fell to my lot to lead a portion of the class in my weak way; but notwithstanding all, we had a precious time, The Good Lord being in our very midst. Had dinner at home Jack Harris haveing come down with Mantie, Mrs Chesleys little girl, The latter is going to stay with {us?}.

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