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== February SUNDAY 27 1887 == It being a very stormy day and cold as well, I we found it almost impossible to got to out usual place of worship so I went to hear Mr. Burnham preach instead. He talked about the image of Daniel and the dream of Nebuchadnezer, giving a historical sketch of the prophecy. Mr. Wesley Matthews came home with me after service. He is a double cousin of my mothers & I never saw him before. Mr. Wilson was also here this afternoon and has got to me into the notion of starting a subscription for a new church here. {second page} == February MONDAY 28 1887 == Peter has been working ag away as usual at sundry jobs. This afternoon we have been recleaning the cloverseed for market. Found that my share of marketable seed was much less than I expected, there being only about sixteen bushells instead of twenty. The cold weather still continues; but, will soon change again, doubtless, as the wind has fallen. Have had encouraging promises with refference to out proposed new church from unlikely parties.

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