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== March TUESDAY 1 1887 == My man has been geting the ballance of our straw-stack moved into the barn to day. i have been up to Simcoe myself with the cloverseed. Sold at five thirty per bushell instead of six dollars as I expected. There seems to be but little chance of a raise though. Settle up with Dan Rose on the way home. Did not bring much money home with me after all. So many things have to be paid and, the worst of it is I can't pay nearly all I would like to, sold four bushells of Tymothy seed at one dollar & 60 cts per Bu also to Cope, Mrs Holcomb was here to get a {sut?}, on their new church I promised five dollars. {second page} == March WEDNESDAY 2 1887 == Peter has continued to get in straw to day finished geting in the ballance of strawstack this afternoon. I went outto Dover this forenoon to settle up some matters of business, in the best possible way. Called at Mrs Clarkes on the way home, to see Lucy who has lately been below. Found several lady friends to dine with us Mrs. Geo. Wilson of Port Hope was one of the number. Ma and I went down to Mrs. Clarkes to spend the evening. Was glad to learn that my friend Mrs Lawes was to come up soon, also her brother and his wife.

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