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== March SATURDAY 5 1887 == On account of a very cold East wind which has been blowing to day Peter and I have been working in the woods. Cut down and partly cut up a large Elm tree, North west of the Ten-acre-field, which was good for wood only. This afternoon we have had a snow storm which still continues this evening. March came in very warm and pleasant but, already he begins to show his teeth. The old rule will doubtless be carried again as before. {second page} == March SUNDAY 7 1887 == We have not gone to the house of worship to day, again on account fo the inclemency of the weather. It has been raining steadily nearly all day. The snow which came yesterday has nearly disappeared, and the water has risen quite high in the creeks. It has been a gracious privelege to worship God in my home. What a mercy that He is not contined to the assemble of His people; but, is ever ready to bless the true worshiper no matter where.

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