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== March WEDNESDAY 9 1887 == Peter has been engaged at sundry jobs to day. I made or rather finished making a bargain with C. W. Lewis this morning. He agrees to work for me for a year for $2,20 and board himself. I furnish him with a house and garden spot. Keeps a cow and a pony the latter is to work for his board. I went down to W. Wattses this forenoon. Found William and Mrs. Watts away & had quite a visit with Mis Emma all alone. The a is a very interesting young lady, in every respect. {second page} == March THURSDAY 10 1887 == Peter and I have been cuting wood in the woods again to day. Have been cuting up an old elm tree at the North West Corner of the Ten-acre-field. The weather has been quite cool; but very warm during the day. The sun has got so high now that it seems to have great power even when cloudy. See by yesterdays paper that the Rev Henry Ward Beecher died on Tuesday morning the 8th inst. at 9 o'clock. Was buried to day at Grange wood cemetery. He was seventy four years old and has always a man of great prominence.

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