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== March FRIDAY 11 1887 == Peter and I continued to work at cuting up the old elm tree into stove-wood this forenoon. This afternoon ma and I went out to Dover, haveing some business matters to atend to there. Found the roads very bad except in a fied places when they are becoming dry. The weather has been quite cool during the day, but we have good prospects of warmer weather soon. A literary association entertainment comes off to night; but, on account of the roads we did not stay. == March SATURDAY 12 1887 == We have got our job of cuting up the old elm tree done at last. Had from ten to twelve cords of wood at the result. The weather is gradualy becomeing warmer & more Spring like. Recieved a letter from my dear friend Bro. Rev J. W. German this evening. He has been on a visit to Calefornia and on his way home is visiting at his eldest Son's Willies, who is the {Doecor?}. Was pleased to hear that the boys are all doing well except Charlie who still suffers from the Asthma.

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