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== March THURSDAY 17 1887 == Peter and I got home three loads of hay from the little barn this forenoon. This afternoon he has been cuting and spliting wood at the wood house, while I have been up to the blacksmithshop with some harrow repairs. The weather continues very cold and windy. The North West wind seems to have become a settled thing, having blown now for nearly a week. See by the papers that the ground is covered with snow North of us a fiew miles, but, here it is quite bare. {second page} == March FRIDAY 18 1887 == The cold North West Wind still continues to blow, and the weather gets colder if anything. Have spent all my spare time to day working on my harrows as usual. Peter also continues to work at cuting and spliting wood at the Wood house. Have had a cisit from William Watts & wife with Mrs. Guy of Simcoe. William has just returned from a trip to Muskoka. He says that as much as five feet of snow is laying on the ground in that region.

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