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== March WEDNESDAY 23 1887 == Peter Mitchel's time was out to day noon. So he has gone & now I am alone to do chores and all. Have been helping Wesley Lewis this afternoon to cut some wood in the woods for his own use. The day has been very cold for this time of year, but very fine in other ways. Got up three loads more of hay from the little barn this forenoon. Am very thankful for the prospect of having feed to last the stock until grass grows. This is more than I expected some little time ago. But Wilkinson's kindness is the cause. {second page} == March THURSDAY 24 1887 == Went out to Dover this forenoon to see about geting a man to help on the farm. Failed however in geting the needed worker. This afternoon have been repairing up the cowstables and other portions of out-building. Wess Lewis has been working for himself during the day. He went up to Hartford this afternoon to get me a man and a load of pine for himself. Was told this evening of the death of my old friend Mr. Holcomb at the age of nearly ninety four at his Son WIlliams in North Pelham. James went down to the funeral.

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