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== March FRIDAY 25 1887 == On account of the continued cold weather I can do but little besides work in the woods and at doing chores. I have been helping Lewis cut his wood this afternoon. Had to file the saw, though. It went so bad. There was quite a heavy fall of rain last night but, it turned cold imediately after. Was disappointed in geting a man as I expected yesterday. Sent Lewis up to Hartford after a friend of his but he happened to be engaged for the summer. Heard yesterday that {Alocedon?} was just married to a Mifs Anderson of Port Dover. == March SATURDAY 26 1887 == I helped Wes. Lewis cut wood again this forenoon most of the time. THis afternoon I have been trimming trees in the back yard. The weather has been quite cold with the usual North West Wind blowing. Otherways it has been very fine. Notice that the continued freezing and thawing is making the wheat and meadows look very bad in places. My sould waiteth upon the Lord more than they that wait for the morning. Yea, more than they that wait for the morning. Glory be {illegible} our Lord Most High.

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