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== March SUNDAY 27 1887 == The weather being very cold and stormy we have not been able to get to church to day. I have been look after stock and some young lambs have been comeing through the day that required attention. The Lord has been very good to me in granting continued assurances of his favour, which is indeed better than life. I am so thankful that he helps me to serve him; and, then, He has promised to be with me to help and to deliver even to the very end. Surely I shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy house. {second page} == March MONDAY 28 1887 == The very blustery cold weather still continues without abatement. A snow storm last night has given sleighing to haul up wood. Wesley has been geting up wood for himself. I have been working arround the barn nearly all day geting stables fixed up and the calf stable cleaned out. It has been almost too cold to work outside. Intended to have gone out to a lecture tonight in out church by Rev. Mr Hunter but it has almost to cold, and windy.

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