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== March TUESDAY 29 1887 == Wes. Lewis continued to get up wood for himself this forenoon. This afternoon however he has been geting up wood for me for the first. I have nearly all day doing chores looking after lambs calvs and cows. Have had some further additions in the way of stock-another pair of lambs having come We have seven pair of twin lambs and only two single ones. The weather has been remarkably cold and windy. The old proverb has come true again with refference to March, vis where March comes like a lion. {second page} == March WEDNESDAY 30 1887 == Have finished geting our hay drawn from the little barn this forenoon. Lewis has been drawing wood this afternoon from the back woods for me. I have been doing chores which takes a good share of the time. Got to triming apple trees this afteroon however. Have just learned of the death of an old resident Mrs. Robert Marr Sue, who has left a widdow some years ago. She was upwards of eighty. This reminds me that weather long or short out lives soon come to a close here now important to live well.

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