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== April WEDNESDAY 6 1887 == Have had Lewis working at drawing and spreading manure on the hilly field to day. Joe has been laying over fence on the back concession. I have been triming apple trees a good part of the time. Went over to the church, however to attend Mrs. Chesleys funeral service. A very good sermon was preached by the new minister who has come to supply for Mr. Grady in place of Eld. Burnham, lately gone away. The weather has got much warmer since yesterday. {second page} == April THURSDAY 7 1887 == My man has been geting out manure again to day on the hilly field. Joe. has helped this afternoon. This forenoon he worked at fencing. I have been up to the regular monthly meeting of the grange this afternoon. Did not have a very large number present; but, enough to have our meeting. Came home home by Judson Austins & got five gallons of coal oil, at 20 cts. We have some idea of trying to get a car-load of salt. The difficulty seems to be to get it placed.

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