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== April FRIDAY 8 1887 == Was Spring has come in earnest. The past has been a beautiful warm day. Our work has been much as usual, there being no prospect of seeding as yet. My enjoyment as the Holy Spirits presence has been unusual of late. There is nothing so satisfying to me, and then to think, that. He has promised to dwell in us and to walk in us, that He will be out God, and that we shall be His people. I rejoice that this is my exalted privelege, yea, and I will rejoice and be glad all my days. {second page} == April SATURDAY 9 1887 == Lewis has continued to draw and spread manure on the hilly field by the Drive-barn to day. Joe has been tearing down and building up fence in front of the field by McBrides. I have been trimming apple trees most of the time as usual. Went out to Dover this afternoon however, partly to take the mail and partly to get a spring for my spring tooth cultivator. E Saw Bro. Calvert who gave me some hopes of being appointed delegate to Grand Annual conference at St. Catherines next Mo. This office is only desirable for a certain purpose.

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