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== April SUNDAY 10 1887 == Took ma and Bertha out to Church with me this morning, the weather being fine. Had two extra Easter Sunday sermons from our own minister. Stayed until after evening service there being nothing in particular to call us home. Had dinner at Mr. Stringers, and tea after Sunday school at Mr Wills. Enjoyed my visit with my friend Mattie who had just returned from a visit to Owen Sound. Also with Mr. Will who has been reading my book, Out of Darkness into Light, & I believes with proffit to his soul. {second page} == April MONDAY 11 1887 == Got the plough started to day for the first, in the field North East of Drive barn. The ground was quite dry but very soft from much freezing but ploughed very well. Have had Joe leting off water from the back fields most of the time. I have been geting ploughs fixed up besides doing a thousand and one other things. There is some appearance of rain this evening. Saw my old friend Mifs Howell. Now Mrs Edy of London at the Reids to day, also Mrs Copps way.

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