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== April TUESDAY 12 1887 == The boys have both been ploughing in the hily field by the drive-barn to day. I have been engaged as usual at triming apple trees. Do not seem to make much headway however. There being so many other things requiring attention. The weather has been come quite cool again. There is apparantly, a storm brewing. I notice that in the fishery dispute. Great Britain sustains Canada, in her view to the detriment of the United States Hope that this cicumstance will hasten a settlement. == April WEDNESDAY 13 1887 == Wes and Joe have both been ploughing in the same field as yesterday. Am thankful that they have got the field nearly ploughed. I have been ditching in the back fields this afternoon. Did not do much this forenoon the weather being so stormy and cold outside. Am reading a new book; "Simon Holmes" by J. Jackson Wray which is quite proffitable and pleasant reading Simon Holmes is a fine character; and one well worthy of cumlation Some fine lessons are taught.

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