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== April THURSDAY 14 1887 == The boys finished ploughing the field North East of the Dive barn to day, or rather this forenoon. This afternoon they have been ploughing on the Big Flat for the first. Did not think of ploughing corn ground so soon, but other fields are still unfit to work. Had a visit from our young friends from Dover. The Barretts, Skey and Mifs Workman. They were here to dinner and tea. Enjoyed their visit very much. Took Mifs Workman and Mifs Barrett home this evening. The others walked. {second page} == April FRIDAY 15 1887 == Joe and Wesley have been ploughing on the flat again to day. I have been triming trees part of the time. Have been laid up nearly with a cold in head which seems to affect my ears mostly and even my hearing. Had a visit from a cousin Clarke Vale this afternoon. He was never here before that I remember of. The weather has been delightfuly warm and spring like. An occasional shower has fallen. Grass is starting nicely.

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