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== April SATURDAY 16 1887 == The boys have been ploughing on the big Flat again to day, which by the way they have finished ploughing there. I worked at leting off water this forenoon in the back fields. This afternoon I went out to Dover to look after some little matters of business. Read a remarkable case of faith cure in the Mail of an English church minister. After a life long sickness, he was first Sactified and afterwards cured of his bodily ailments in answer to believing prayer. == April SUNDAY 17 1887 == Did not go out to church this morning but this evening instead. Have enjoyed the Sabbath very much notwithstanding. The weather has been quite cold and windy and the reads rather bad in places. In communing with my God I have been graciously blessed and been made glad with the assurance of his presence and sympathy. Am endeavoring to give myself fully to His service, and to live in the full enjoyment of His great and glorious Salvation from {illegible}.

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