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== April MONDAY 18 1887 == The boys got to ploughing in the big field North East corner to day. I spent the forenoon in ditching in the same field. I went down to jarvis after repairs for Drill and barnell of sugar which Reid order for us. The weather has been very disagreeable, and cold snow has been falling this afternoon in small quantities. Called at Holcombs on the way home & made enquiries about the folks below. They expect my friends N. C. and A. L. H soon. == April TUESDAY 19 1887 == My men have been ploughing in the North East Corner field again to day. This morning however before the snow disappeared Joe and I moved a big Stimp from the lane to the line fence where I intend to put in a lot of stumps. I went down to Wattses to see William on some matters of business. Have been makeing a stump boat this afternoon & c. The cold weather still continues & c. The cold weather still continues, but the past has been a most beautiful day though cool and windy.

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