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== April WEDNESDAY 20 1887 == The boys have been ploughing in the big field again to day while I have work arround at sundry jobs as usual. Had a visit from the Watts girls this afternoon. They are geting to be quite interesting company both of them. Went fishing with the boys to night. Got something over thirty fine succers and one pike. I could not help thinking of other days when I was younger. I used to think it fine sport. {second page} == April THURSDAY 21 1887 == Joe and Wes. have ploughed most of the time to day in the big field. Joe has got to harrowing in the same field however. Our first ploughing having become quite dry. Intend to stop ploughing now and go to seeding, the b ground not being fit to plough any more. Am thank that our spring ploughing harrows up beautifuly. I have been engaged much as usual to day. Have got to stakeing and finishing up fence however.

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