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== April FRIDAY 22 1887 == Have had Wes. Lewis ploughing head lands and some other small patches to day. Joe has been harrowing in the big field. I have been fixing fence along the side road East of big fiend. It has rained this afternoon however which prevented me geting done, It still looks like rain to night, Am enjoying in great measure the Good Spirit of my God. His presence makes my paradice indeed. I am so thoroughly satisfied when He is near & His presence in my poor heart. {second page} == April SATURDAY 23 1887 == Have been exceedingly buisy to day all of us. We sowed about five acres to oats in the big fied to day, in North West corner. Sowed by hand and covered with spring tooth cultivator followed by smoothing harrow sowed grass seed before the smothing harrow. Joe has been harrowing in the hilly field for peas The weather has been very windy and quite cold towards night. The ground is geting quite dry and works very well. We are having a visit from our old servant girl Sarah Walsh to night.

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