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== April SUNDAY 24 1887 == Went out to the Port this morning to our regular service. Were favoured with a treat however, more than usual. The Rev Mr Daniel of New Jersey, now R Resident of Wesley Park association, preached both morning and evening. Both sermons were excellent and full of christian love. We stayed to dinner with Mifs Giles, I attended Sunday school afterwards and took Mr. Barran's class. the latter being away. Saw Mrs Ryerson, Just returned from Josey's in Ottawa. == April MONDAY 25 1887 == The boys and I have been working away in the big field to day. I have been sowing oats until the field is about two thirds sown & mostly harrowed in. It is also partly ditched. I went fishing with the boys to night but did not make a very big haul. Only got ten altogather. {To?} concluded not to try it again for a while. The weather continues to be quite cool and is becomeing dry not a very unfavourable state of things for reading at any rate.

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