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== April TUESDAY 26 1887 == I finished sowing oats in about ten acres of the fourteen acre field to day. The boys have about got it harrowed in. Jol has been working in the hilly field where we intend to sow peas. Out sorel mare, Fannie seemed to be tired out to night. Had to quit working with her before time, on that account. The weather keeps very cold and windy. There has been a cold rain to day, but not enough to stop work. I will rejoice in Thy strength O my God & The only will I serve. == April WEDNESDAY 27 1887 == Joe and I finished running ditches in the big field this forenoon all but about two acres which was to wet to work. Wes has been drilling preas on the hilly field by the drive barn. Had some trouble with my drill in the beginning. Mr. Farechilds and Robert Austin come and fixed one of out pumps this afternoon. Had our friend N. C. Holcomb Esq of North Pelham to take tea with us this evening. Mr and Mrs Clarke & James Holcomb & wife were also here.

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