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== May MONDAY 2 1887 == Have had one team at work geting ground ready to sow barley. The other has been idle except ploughing a little patch in the garden. I have been cleaning out cellar and planting garden seeds myself. Went out to town this evening to see about the fruit trees again. Found that they had not come yet, so I will be able to go to Quarterly Meeting to morrow, as I wished. Expect to have some serious matters come up at out Meeting. Feel somewhat discouraged with refference to out minister. == May TUESDAY 3 1887 == Wesley and I have been planting potatoes in the garden this forenoon. Went out to Dover this afternoon to attend our last quarterly meeting for the year. Some very gratifying circumstances hapened one in particular with refference to Bro. Montgamery who has been absent from the mans of grace for some months on account of bitter feelings towards our minister, which grew out of a sermon preached about Masonry. Hope the healing of the wound will be permanent.

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