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== May WEDNESDAY 4 1887 == I have been working in the garden to day most of the time at planting potatoes and at doing some other kinds of garden work. W Helped ma about her flower garden as well. Went up to William Wilkinsons this afternoon after the seven head of young cattle that we have had there for the last two or more months. Could not pursuade my friend to take anything for his kindness in feeding my cattle so long. Drove up to Simcoe to night by way of Port Dover, There I went to see about trees. {second page} == May THURSDAY 5 1887 == George Lemon and I have been geting the Simcoe trees delivered to day have got along all right so far as we could see. It went quite awkward for a-while, on account of being a new job. Am thankful to the Almighty God for strength and grace. Left Simcoe at about Eight o'clock A. M. and instead of going home I drove down to Holcombs. Made an arrangement with him to help me deliver Notices to morrow.

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