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== May TUESDAY 10 1887 == George Lemon and I have been at work at our Fruit tree delivery business, makeing out the returns & c. to day. Have had same difficulty in geting Simcoe returns made out. The boys have been sowing oats in one of the back fields to day. Hope to finish to morrow. Set out some fruit trees for Reid's this evening. Got our papers about made out ready to send away. So now I hope to get to work again. It has become very warm and Summer like, Peach blossoms are comeing out beautifuly in abundance. == May WEDNESDAY 11 1887 == Have been extremely buisy to day at many things, mostly at seting out fruit trees and berry bushes. Set some plum graft in plug sprouts also. The boys have been puting in the last of our spring grain excepting corn, to day. The new ground has been the last. Drove down to Wattses this evening to see about selling potatoes. Called at Hammonds on the way home. Heard this evening of the death of Mr. Warren who has been sick only a little while. His wife still lives though expected to die for many years, with consumption.

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