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== May SATURDAY 14 1887 == I have been exceedingly buisy at a thousand and one things to day. The boys have got to planting corn this afternoon. Went down to William Watts this morning to set a fiew grafts in plum sprouts & for other business. Drove up to Simcoe this afternoon to see G. Lemon further about our Delivery matters. I think we are likely yo get the Delivery business all straightened up now soon. Saw T. R. Nelles also about another matter this evening. {second page} == May SUNDAY 15 1887 == Ma and I went out to our usual morning service this morning. The Rev. Ray Smith officiated it being childrens day. The little people seemed greatly delighted as well as older ones. Had dinner at Mr. Wills. Immediately afterwards we went to sabbath school, after which I went to visit some sick people. Had a precious season of prayer with Mrs Warren. She has just lost her husband, and has been laying at the point of death herself for some time.

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