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== May WEDNESDAY 18 1887 == Have had the men at fence repairing most of the time to day. I went down to jarvis after some goods for ourselves and Reids, this forenoon. Got a couple of Barrells of Salt from Mr Mathias Sheiltz which had been order from the Grange salt works. Took ma with me this evening to the lecture of Mr. John R. Clarke, a descendant of Mr. Addam Clarke the great commentator. Subject of discorse was the Rose, The Shamrock, and the thistle. The lecture was grand. {second page} == May THURSDAY 19 1887 == Our work is still as urgent as ever. THe men have been helping me all day at geting maple and other trees to set along the road mostly. We brought home something over fifty from George Hammonds. Have at last completed the row arround the farm except along the west side nect to Horns. Ma and I went out to the lecture of Mr. J. R. Clarke on J. B. Gough. Enjoyed the intelectual feast provided by our brother much.

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