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== May FRIDAY 20 1887 == Sent Wess Lewis out to Dover this forenoon with a small load of stone to put use for foundation under our shed at the M. Church. Had some difficulty in geting from old Hugh, but made it out at last. The boys have been fixing fence this afternoon at different points. Our friend G. W. Lemon came the evening bringing our waggon and horse back, lately borrowed. Have been trying {all?} evening to get the fruit tree delivery return done; but in vain. == May SATURDAY 21 1887 == Lewis and I made some {stump?} fence this forenoon next to McBrides. The fresh at last Spring or rather in early Spring mod a new fince necessary for a few roads. Have had Joe at work fixing fence on the back end of the place. I have been writing for Lemon this afternoon most of the time. George was here this morning and I was sorry that the papers were not ready for him. The dry weather still continues and a drought appears to have set in.

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