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== May TUESDAY 24 1887 == A beautiful shower of rain fell last night which did a sight of good. Rrain had not falled before for three or more weeks and everything was becomeing very dry. Lewis has worked to day but Joe has been off to the celebration in Dover I have been working in the garden and at sundry other jobs. Am so thankful to see such beautiful growing weather again. It will be of such benefit to spring grain as well as hay and pasture. Am still sweetly trusting in God, as my deliverance and guides. == May WEDNESDAY 25 1887 == Comenced doing our statute labour to day. We have succeeded in doing five days out of the fifteen required. Lewis has two days and myself thirteen makeing fifteen. Have been geting in formation from a neighbour farmer with refference to soiling with corn. He advocates sowing southern sweet corn about three times, early medium and late. After the first comes off sow nimble {dich?} turnip for feeding after corn feeding is over. Ground to be plant {illegible} harrowed & sow broad-cast

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