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== May MONDAY 30 1887 == We all worked at pulling red-root or pidgeon weed from the eleven acre field of wheat this forenoon. I have been working arround the house this afternoon at sundry's. Was thankful to see the people liveing on side road by the School house comencing to draw gravel on this end of the road; also the fourth concession statue labour in being done in the same way, and on this end of the road as well. Have long wished that this improvement might be made, particularly on the side road. {second page} == May TUESDAY 31 1887 == Have been engaged to day much as usual. Went to the funeral of our late friend & sister Mrs. Warren this afternoon. Quite a large concourse of people were assembled to pay their last respects to the deceased Mr. L. Morgan went up with me to the cemetery. The church of England minister officiating in the absence of our own minister, the letter being at conference. Took tea at Mrs Clarkes on the way home. Learned from her that Mrs Horton was up on a visit. Found that he had been here in a absense.

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