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== June SUNDAY 5 1887 == Owing to a shower of rain this morning and also this evening we did not get to church. It seems almost too farr to go in the rain both for the horses and ourselves. Have been enjoying the day at home however as well as we could. It seems such a change from the usual routine of the week that one can scarcely accomodate themselves to it. se When I sit down to read I soon find myself assleep. But, the Lord has blessed me with His presence & some p choice moments communion with Him. {second page} == June MONDAY 6 1887 == Have been been graciously blessed with a beautiful rain yesterday and to day. This forenoon in particular, a heacy rain has fallen. My men have been digging the celar under the little tenant house to day. Find that the frost has spoiled our wall and crumbled the cellar badly where there was no wall as well I made a lounge for the Reids this forenoon and this afternoon have been off after scrapers and to see about geting some more stone for cellar &c.

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