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== June TUESDAY 7 1887 == Owing to rain which have lately fallen we have been fixing a culvert in the lane & doing some other such work. I went out to Dover this evening to see about our bee for drawing gravel to imporve out church shed for teems. Made arrangements for having bee on next Friday. Were greatly pleased at having our tried and true friend Mrs D. W. Horton come in unexceptedly this evening. She has been in the neighbourhood for over & a week but this is the first we have seen her. {second page} == June WEDNESDAY 8 1887 == Joe has been cultivating corn again to day. He finished cultivating for the first time to night. Lewis has been hoeing corn while I have been doing sundry jobs as usual. Went up to unckle Johns for dinner and had Mrs Horton with us. She went down to James Holcombs again this evening however. Mrs Horton told me how to keep celery over winter. Take up with dirt on roots put in barrells in which dry sand has first been placed cover up light with board

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