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== June MONDAY 13 1887 == The boys have been working away at cuting thistles to day as usual. Did not get done either. I went down to day as usual. Did not get dowe wither. I went down to Jarvis this morning to take out old waggon for repairs. Expect to use it soon geting out manure and in drawing in hay. Called at James Holcombs on the way down, and heard some particulars about {Arile?} which made me feel sorry for her. Her position must be very discouraging to her as well as to her father. Hope to see her before long. == June TUESDAY 14 1887 == The man finished cuting thistles in the back oat and barley fields to day. Lewis brought two more loads of tone from Solomon Austins this evening also, for the cellar. Went down to Mrs Clarkes just before dinner to see about Mr. Hortons. Found that they had made preperations to visit us this afternoon. So I came with them. Had a very pleasant time visiting with them. Went with Mr. Horton to see his old home-no Mr. {Aunney's?} farm, back of us.

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