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== June WEDNESDAY 15 1887 == Comenced cuting hay to day. Lewis has get the hay on Big Flat nearly all cut; but, he broke down the mowing machine to night. Have had Joe at work on big Flat at cultivating corn. I have been cuting black knot out to our cherry trees nearly all day. There seems to be a much greater number than I ever saw before at this time of year. Am affraid that we we will fail to keep the cherry trees after all. Have been fighting them for the past nine or ten years. {second page} == June THURSDAY 16 1887 == Spent the forenoon in geting our mowing machine fixed up. Had time to get the ball of big Flat cut through. This afternoon we have been geting hay raked and cocked up, on Flat. Got all done. Found more hay than we expected, very fine and nice. Had a latter from my sister and her daughter Leilia telling us of Netties marriage a week ago yesterday. The weather has become very warm and dry. There was some appearance of rain this afternoon, but all has passed off.

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