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== June FRIDAY 17 1887 == A small shower of rain this morning prevented us doing anything more at at haying, except that we have been cuting some more grass in front field by the church. Went down to Jarvis this evening to see about geting some mowing machine repairs and bringing home the old waggon from the waggon-shop. Got caught in a heavy shower of rain on the way home; but hapened to be prepared for it. Our old friend Mrs. John Murphy came to make us a visit to day. {second page} == June SATURDAY 18 1887 == On account of the delightful rain last evening we have left off our haying for a time, Lewis and Joe have put in the ballance of our fodder corn patch. I went out to Dover this forenoon to see about geting some jack screws & some other matters of business. Saw Mr Varey and had dinner with him and his family. Failed to get his help very soon however. Got in our first load of hay this evening. It was not in very good order however.

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