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== June SUNDAY 19 1887 == Owing to a shower of rain this morning we did not get out to church, Went this evening however and took Lewis with me. Our minister gave us an interesting and proffitable discourse on the fourth commandment respecting the Sabbath day. Am thankful that this subject is revieving the attention of the Christian public, more than ever of late. The agitation for more stringent Sabbath laws being apparantly quite general. The Lord has been very gracious to me this day also. == June MONDAY 20 1887 == Succeeded in geting in out first load of hay this evening. It was not in very good order though. Went down to Jarvis this afternoon to get this waggon axle straightened up. Called on the way at James Holcombs & had dinner. Met my friend Mr John Menchle there unexpectedly. When comeing home heard that I. Jackson had met with an accident His boy having had an arm broken by a saw-logg rolling over him. The Doctor speaks favourably though

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