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== June THURSDAY 23 1887 == The boys continued to get out manure this forenoon. This afternoon we have been geting in hay. Have drawn three loads more from the Big Flat and one more from the field next to store making seven in all, having still another load out. Our old friend G. W. Lemon came to night. He tells me that P. Wesley Wooley was buried yesterday after much suffering for a long time. He died well though for a long time under a cloud. He had been quite usefull as a class leader & in other ways in & out of the church. == June FRIDAY 24 1887 == I worked at cuting thistles in the field by McBrides to day, or rather this forenoon. The boys have been drawing manure all day. This evening however we have been geting our last load of hay from the Big Flat making eight loads in all so far. Had Harry & Clarence Barrett here to dinner and tea. Harry is talking ofgoing to Brittish Columbia soon and came to bid us good bye. The weather is cooler & has become fair.

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