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== June SATURDAY 25 1887 == Joe and Lewis have been geting out manure on the field by McBrides to day as usual. I have been cuting thistles on the same field except for a time this afternoon when I worked in the garden. The weather is very fine and somewhat cool. Had a letter from George Gutcher this afternoon. He has got to be a sailor again and is, apparantly pleased with his old occupation. The salt business has apparantly become unbearable I think. Addam Rose came home again to day for a short visit. {second page} == June SUNDAY 26 1887 == Took ma and Bertha out to meeting this morning. Remained for the afternoon and evening service instead of comeing home. Our minister his farewell sermon this evening so we expect the new minister to preach to us next Sabbath. Did not enjoy Bro Calverts sermons to day very much. To me there appeared to be too great of a lack of spirituality in his utterances. This has been the great hindrance to our bros. usefulness; and I am affraid will continue to be.

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